The Right Perfume Pour Homme

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Becoming a good smelling guy is on every man’s wish list! But how do you know if the perfumes you like are the ones that suit who you are. Hint: look for information in the label that tells you what perfume you are (the bottle!) and see if you are up for making it your style buddy this spring!

Adventure, Davidoff.

Sensuous and smooth-talking, this scent is fresh, spicy and woody. It’s elements are about the great wilderness (think: the Grand Canyon!) and anything that is expressively raw and masculine.

Versace Eros, Versace.

If you think your chiselled features make you some sort of a Greek God, then this perfume is your ticket to an elixir of luxury.




The Right Perfume Pour Homme

The Right Perfume Pour Homme by osmianannya featuring spring home decor

Spruced up with mythology and inspired by classicism and sculptures, this is typical Versace. Eros, the God of Love, has particularly captivated this perfume, which is unique because he has the special skill of making people fall in love with his bow and arrow. Fresh, woody and oriental, the scent is for passionate men, who are also true masters of their own destiny.

Valentino Uomo, Valentino.

Picture this: an aristocratic family lunch, a huge table, but it’s on the terrace of a Roman Palazzo. The notes in the bottle are from the garden underneath the terrace, the beverages and the desserts, that still linger on the table, long after the guests have had their fun time dining!

Wild, DSquared.

In love with the urban concrete jungle? Then strap yourself with this fragrance as it is your connection to everything natural, non-conformist and larger than life.

Caju & Lime, Molton Brown.

Do you like caipirinha? That is Brazil’s national cocktail and is also the primary point of putting this perfume on your body, to smell like that drink. Caju fruit extract, lime and spearmint mix-in together to come up with this happy and dazzling scent.

Mandariono Di Amafi Decanter, Tom Ford.

Shiny and traditional, this scent is for a man who likes to have fun in Mediterranean villas, that sit on the cliffs of Amalfi. There is citrus fruits, night-blooming flowers and the scent is invigoratingly warm, aromatic, a bit like a tonic and filled with mint and wildflowers.

Mercedes-Benz Sport for Men, Mercedes-Benz.

Woody, active, fashionable and fresh – the scent has undertones of spice, and is overpowering with modernity.

The Right Perfume Pour Homme


It also helps that it has an elemental nature of anything sparkling and clear, and it never hurts to go with a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and not go overboard with stating his masculinity in places!

Vevetier Cologne, Czech & Speake.

Rich, sophisticated, and in love with citrus, bergamot and mandarin? If you are that fine and dapper with fashion, then this long-lasting scent is just the right touch to your evening looks. It is woody and contains vevetier and sandalwood.


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