Gauri Khan for Satya Paul

Satya Paul is a contemporary fashion shop, that is highlighted with modern print designs, and experimental showcases off-late. The fashion space is out to celebrate 30 years, in April and for this occasion, they have partnered with Gauri Khan, a socialite from India.

She is a star wife, who is quite camera shy, except when it comes to fashion but other than that she also works in interior designing, and produces many films. As a graduate of History, she has dabbled in many artistic ventures, such as working as an anchor for MTV India, in the nineties.

Gauri Khan for Satya Paul


Her list of producing various successful films, includes titles that star her husband, SRK, predominantly, apart from the occasional collaboration with other artistes. Her point in designing all these special interior projects, is to build homes that have a special tag attached to them of exclusivity.

They have decorated various private homes, and since then she has gone on and designed her own furniture line, for The Charcoal Project. When in school, she pursued this artistic interest through sketches, but on an entirely hobby level. Last year, saw her grow more independent and launch her own furniture shop in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

The latest collection has been labelled A Tropical Wonder, and is inspired from exotic vacations. The saris come enveloped with sequins, contrasting borders, drapes of poetry imprints, hand-scribbles on vibrant hues, and colours, such as grassy green, watercolour purple and pomegranate. Gauri speaks on the subject,

“My signature line of clothing for Satya Paul will showcase a distinctive aspect of my own personal style,”
“Co-creating and endorsing a line for one of India’s finest brands will be a new experience for me.”
Gauri Khan for Satya Paul



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