What To Do For Idealism?

Women often have a penchant for strangeness – they admire a man who smokes weed, is downright overweight but is clean shaven, and I guess you could say tall – it is true, they fall hard for those! But if they fall into that pithole, they aren’t far off from aiming for the “tall, dark and handsome” types, that are considered to be the A-grade of what is absolutely the most-wanted, most-desired of all men – do you feel a barf coming towards you too? 


But that is what it has been like for many decades now, and it is argued that women actually settle for other types of men, because they feel that these varieties are too far and out of their reach, stationed somewhere in a dreamy landscape – alright, zip it! How to avoid perfection on someone else’s grounds and achieve one on your own grounds, stylishly? It’s easier to pull off than can be believed at first:

It’s a-okay to have a beard.

Men with a reasonable beard tend to be the protectors in the family – they are better dads, who are very invested in taking care of their offsprings. They are also more masculine than other men, more sexual, and are more prone to commitment, than be one who avoids it.

They like to nurture and take care of their loved ones, so even if women are not considering you attractive, then don’t be afraid to ignore their opinion because it is what being stylish and confident that matters, not have women croon over you because you fit their pattern of idealism in someway or the other.

It’s a-okay to have a little bit of an issue with size.

Don’t try to fit into someone else’s mainframe of “sexy” – avoid the whole clichéd, the faux pas of exoticness blended in with some brooding mannerism of “tall, dark and handsome” that apparently has to be seen to be believed, which is something because even if you are up for travelling, you will be hardpressed to find those men anywhere. But I have heard that, that “hard to get” tag is what makes them all the more likeable…?


Well-Groomed Poster-Boys

Well-Groomed Poster-Boys by osmianannya on Polyvore

Shorter men love housework, hate getting divorced – they try to avoid it at all costs, and even earn a lot more than their partners. Doesn’t that sound absolutely divine? He sounds like a puppet doll you could have around the house, who just magically does everything you want him to do, without even asking. Helping out with the housework makes you more kind and caring, to the eyes of your partner. It makes you look like a friend you can always count on!

It’s not okay to be not-hot.

Hot men are the ones with a good testosterone level, which maybe off-putting to many women but that’s just how things work – you cannot just come on here, with your feminist ideals and try to argue your way out of what being masculine is like. Why don’t you divide and conquer the housework? Leave the feminine-seeming chores to the lady in your life, such as cooking and washing up, and help out with the vacuuming, fixing the car, instead.

That’s one way to be hot, apart from looking like a million bucks no matter the weather! Apart from that, work on having a good relationship, with your mom and dad, because this will significantly positively influence your romantic outlook. Try to grow closer to your mom, trust me this is one of the best things that could ever happen to you, as you try to work your way through a topsy-turvy world of diaper duty/deadlines/being sick with the flu, without losing your cool – even with your very totally awesome lover!



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