The Right Wedding Venues

Choosing the right venue for your wedding can be a real headscratcher. It’s almost as difficult as trying to come to terms with the guest list. Who should you invite? What should your centrepiece look like? But it shouldn’t – it should be just as plain sailing as picking out your precious something blue!

Do you love snow-capped mountains? Then Head to Chittenden and book yourself in at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort. The place is THE space to spend your wedding night in, compact with romantic wooden trails and delicious brunch menus. Meanwhile, in Rhode Island there is the Belle Mer in Newport, for a preppy resort, called Ocean Lawn. Call-in the bow-ties and the chinos, this is a super-posh wedding!

For something chequered and Spanish, look to Laguna Gloria, in Austin Texas. It’s dusty and ancient, and can act as an old-school edition of a garden wedding. The George Peabody Library in Maryland looks perfect for extravagant weddings. Situated in Baltimore, the place dates to 1878 and is a public library decorated with a cast-iron balcony, and boasts lots of books. But for the wedding, there can be a seated dinner, a dance floor, and play home to fine dining, such as chicken roulade and ravioli in brown butter sauce. The place can even host a cocktail hour if you want to have a wedding that would include those.

In Maine, there is the Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, where you have a luxury garden, posing as a laid-back resort in a romantic avatar. The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, is where you duck into meals that are both contemporary and finely presented. The rooftop terrace has an artsy atmosphere, so this could be where you finally say “I Do” in a picturesque manner, just as you have always dreamed of as a child.

When in the capital, do a little bit of a royalty, of any sorts that entices you, because this city is home to Capitol Hill, after all. The Hay Adams Hotel is built for the perfect panoramic point of views you have ever laid your eyes upon, from the White House to the National Mall. In Florida, you have the Sunset Key Guest Cottages – a private island, which is a fast ferry journey, going from Key West to further afar, and you can even have the guests rest in 40 pastel-coloured cottages.

At Wyoming, there is a Brush Creek Ranch, in Saratoga for you to bucaneer up and go wildly western for, for this is a titanic ranch boasting its very own wedding chapel made out of wood, and situated facing the Snowy Range. The South Carolina Inn is situated in Palmetto Bluff, where posh guests come to enjoy the saltwater May River sights, is the wedding venue for you, if you would like dolphins to be privy to your personal bash, too.


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