The Funkiest Shorts

The British summer is rather unpredictable because it rains on occasions you wish it didn’t, which is why we have the perfect excuse to wear shorts no matter the season.

The Funkiest Shorts!

In the menswear pantalones department, there is more talk about sun, sea, sand than anything else, so maybe you should incorporate all that talk into your department too: a dressy shirt, especially off the Italian style labels know how to do short-lengthier shirts, more so than any other labels.

You can also wear a summer polo with it to do some laidback preppy, that would be ideal for golfing, for example. For other sports-inspired looks, there is the ballpark opening day or even a Sunday game catching session at your local pub: you have the longer-edition of the shorts.

Ditch the khaki/the army green of M.A.S.H. and G.I. Joe and go for something in print, colourful prints are very trendy this season. Shorts aren’t supposed to be too long/but too short is fine for the beach, so long as you can comfortably carry boxers, without looking like a shade too hobo-chic – the ugliest look imaginable!

There is some conversations over if you can wear the tuxedo/shorts/newsboy cap look, anywhere other than a beach wedding in Australasia, but don’t lose hope because everyone enjoys toying with the idea of taking their favourite pair of comfort wear with them, out of their über-cozy bedroom landscape.

There is a style known as ‘bleisure’ now, so you can wear city shorts in a tailored environment, but make sure it is still smart enough for the boardroom, despite the uncontrollable blistering sunshine peaking in from the high windows.


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