Fur & Handbags

Art Deco. It was most prominent during the 1920s, just before the economic boom in the previous decades. Represented in the dresses of flapper girls, that inspired the globe, there were also rarely known historic items, such as the Harlem Renaissance, old Hollywood and the emergence of luxury ocean liners in Great Britain at the dusk of the First World War.

Traditions steeped in art deco prevailed across time, even for faraway locales, such as India, where strife for adopting modern Western-influenced lifestyles were often criticised but this surge of demand in identifying with our mechanised world has continued, in particular an identification with Hollywood.

The Ballets Russes would often choose to deck themselves out in fur-lined outfits, and the mystical pictorial representation of the great industrial age, caught almost everyone off guard, that was perhaps only cut through by an obsession with Egyptian and Greek culture.


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