Wedding Party Favours

Wedding party favours are the ideal way to show some gratitude towards your guests, for accepting the invitation to your wedding. It doesn’t have to be largescale because weddings are supposed to be intimate affairs, where you celebrate the ocassion with your close friends and family. 

It is the general idea today that intimate moments with your significant other are meant to be shared with others, its for carefully selected people to be privy to and who knows where the story might go from there.

But I believe the sentiments of a wedding are much more than the sharing of the happiness you have just been blessed with for a successful romance. It is about participating in keeping a relationship alive amongst the daily humdrums of work, of spending time with your loved ones, indulging them and everyone you love, even if romance has made you so that that involves the whole neighbourhood, with what has been happening in your life, and doing something in return for the community you are a part of, and to always think of others just as much as they think of you.

Party favours, handmade for your wedding guests is something that is a picture-perfect representation of all of that. Here are some ideas:

  1. Paper fans, handcarved fans for summery weddings.
  2. Bottles of maple syrup you have made the guests can pair their Belgian waffles with.
  3. If you love Greek salad tonnes like me, you must try out virgin olive oil with it. The bottles need to wear a printed tag, and come with an accompanying recipe card to teach your guests caught up in all the celebrations, how to go back home and make some for themselves, right there in the kitchen.
  4. Colourful tea pieces to create a spring environment for a rain-drenched wedding, complete with a floral aura.
  5. If you can afford it and are in love with fashion couture: then a makeup bag of Chanel nail polishes.
  6. Homemade sun-dried Tuscan tomato jam: enough said!
  7. Make up some naughty moonshine and fill some glass bottles with the mix for guests to grab a bottle each for themselves, as they head back home after your reception, or as you change into a mini-skirt and suit from your white wedding dress, and jet set-off to your Mediterranean honeymoon right after the wedding.
  8. Do you have a favourite barbecue joint? Do you love barbecue sauce just too much? Then grab some bottled up editions from your favourite nearest joint and gift it to your guests.

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