Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani came back for some more riveting designs for wedding season. Fresh from having showcased his designs at Milan Fashion Week, what can we expect to find here? Well, there is a lot of elaborate threadwork in gold, fineries in red/black and the whole atmosphere is rather opulent but contemporary.

One of the most puzzling questions thrown at the perfect contemporary woman these days is how to put on a piece of workwear that is ideally suited to the office environment, the lunchbreaks and the cocktail afterhours? You can opt for a more eloquent jumpsuit, to let the world know your flirty side – pair it with courts and it will look brilliant.

If you can afford to wear a kimono draped around your shoulders, then by all means do so – there are many of those drapes coming around on the catwalk this SS2014.

But if there is just no excuse for looking that hot in the office you cannot wait to get out of bed and give your boss some serious competition on the suits-front then do the pulled-up ponytail hair look some justice: wear a form-fitting, elongated column suit in white tweed or one of those draped, sophisticated sari-gowns, if you can pull it off.


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