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For anyone who missed the I Kissed A Girl phenomenon taking over our radios during the spring of 2008, Katy Perry and her eccentric, colourful wardrobe might seem like a pretty car-crash just waiting to happen. It’s not too difficult to caricature that portrait of hers in your mind – she dresses in short dresses that are imprinted with pina colada bottles, wears retro curls and carries a guitar on stage.


This is in fact, a step towards belonging in the new wave of music industry chartbusters who have stepped away for traditional glam and opted for a more vintage look in both their stage and real-life style persona. Lady Gaga might seem too outlandish to totally comprehend. Nicki Minaj might seem like she doesn’t own anything in her makeup bag aside from bubblegum pink, and sometimes maybe even her wardrobe. But this is really how music artists are separately, but collectively, pushing the frontiers of fashion these days.

Katy Perry hails from Santa Barbara in sunny California. At the moment she is still on her Prism tour, following her numerous hit singles on the Billboard for the umpteenth time. It might seem a tad little too early to state that she has indeed arrived but her chartbreaking success over the course of just three albums means that her music credentials are indeed very strong.

Perry’s tour dates copiously fill her days post the success of a new album, and because she releases so many of them within the span of a few years only, Perry is one Californian chick who seems to have signed up to the super busy life of a soaring-high record artist. Katy’s working hours are rather odd and self-stylised – her morning hour rush comes in the afternoon, when most of us usually have our lunchbreaks, at around 2pm, and she keeps on working until the wee hours of night at 2am, before hitting the sack.

Her hair colour is a rather off-beat electric green but she manages to pull it off, without looking punky or have it clash with an American flag-printed babydoll. At just 29, Katy Perry has had the most awesome path of success that most youngsters would wish they had a piece of in their own lives too, but in a good way.

She swears by oatmeal, and that shows in her figure on-stage, but her sense of fashion is really low-key. Apart from being an idealistic pin-up girl, a vintage Goddess, she also knows how to appeal to real women, and isn’t shy about it at all. Perry fesses up that she doesn’t actually mind having a pimple – for her it’s not something to lose sleep over, that’s too trivial. It doesn’t matter that her skin isn’t flawless like many other divas, as long as she’s healthy and fit – I would say, that would work well for women who look for “a real woman” to identify with in Hollywood. Katy Perry is not only totally diva-esque, she actually has her feet firmly on the ground to project and know that she is just another successful music artist, with the good life in her hands. She’s blunt, point-blank forward, intelligent, funny, and knows how to balance the high-life with the ordinary.

One day she is up at the White House, singing for the President and the other day she is tucking into her breakfast served in plastic tubs. She likes to play with variety, because that is the only way she knows how to perform at her best. For the ordinary American, that is more than what most would have ever hoped to see emerge from their infamous Santa Barbara culture.

Her fans come from different parts of the globe actually, from different age-groups, with a wide-ranging taste in music. Katy Perry’s desire to experiment with her music taste means that she has been able to appeal to both the music crowd and the critics.

Katy Perry Concert

She is very talkative so when her vocal chords have outlasted her energy she needs to put on a nametag that describes that she is being quiet today. Katy Perry controls her tour like a business magnet, she manages to keep it astride – the crew, the food, the costumes, the dance moves, and relaxes inbetween performing on tour by visiting museums to look at and appreciate art.

With moolah being raked in from album sales, the sell-out tour, her fans would love to know how she manages to stay on top of her enormous empire. She courts fantasy as a way to inspire her to do better work everytime she hits the microphone, with a visual for every song she crafts. Quipping with personality, she is looking forward to the thirties, an age that  leaves many high-flying career women, high-and-dry with trepidation and fear about the uncertainty of life. And all of this freeflows into her writing. She went to a weird school, what wouldn’t fall into her definition of a proper learning environment so the twenties were basically spent dabbling in a lot of learning.

She is great with social media but knows when to stop short of having to “send goodnight kisses” to all her many fans – rather cool about the fact that she has the most Twitter followers in the world. She also loves the Dictionary.com app and would love it if a guy she was dating would speak in the same lingo with beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent words, thrown in, to be around her when its right.

Because of her outspoken nature, she is actually in the ring for the music not for love. She dreams of doing many things at many different times in her life – she wants to maybe someday have a baby, because a home-life would be fabulous, but she also wants to be a music mogul, a thorough-bred professional, maybe even with her own record label? A great tour? Cruising on bicycles? Waltzing around Manhattan? They are all on her agenda.

Speaking of agenda, where does she stand with on counting fashion inspirations? She adores Azzadine Alai, Daphne Guinness, Chloë Sevigny! Katy Perry has dated some famous men in the past, from Russell Brand to John Mayer but her ideal guy would be someone who can genuinely carry a sense of humour, someone she has met through friends (like, a friend of a friend!), someone who understand that she’s not interested in wasting too much time experimenting with men any longer as she zooms into her thirties.

Perry is no longer interested in being with men who are intimidated by her, because that just boils right into the relationship, adding some sort of a negative experience to the whole love-story. She feels that being the strong woman can sometimes be hard on her self-image because it’s difficult to come across men who find her as inspiring as she would do in him, she’s more  of a ;sensitive, caring soul for a boyfriend’ kinda gal!


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