What Stylish Men Do

They buy Statement Pieces

In autumn 2014, you just have to purchase an oversized coat. Trends defined by industry insiders are good suggestions, but it never hurts to be bold enough to be a trendsetter yourself too. As a rule, always have a couple of items in your wardrobe that go well with absolutely everything – the chinos, the skinny jeans, the tailored trousers.

Sounds too difficult to pull it off? It’s not actually if you know how to shy away from getting too many outlandish items. You don’t want to wear a calf-skin pair of boots with every outfit, so that rare item is best kept as a luxury not always afforded.

Good advice: Indigo jeans (slim cut, straight cut), well-tailored white oxford shirts, a beautiful navy  blazer (wool, if you are wondering), and a handful of sharp ties – for the kid in you, do get that ice-cream truck print one you have been craving ever since you set foot in Saville’s Row, with your favourite neighbourhood uncle.


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I know how men always checkout the shoes a man (or woman) wears but the debate over how important they are to the fashion conscience of men always swings right into the “very important” side.

Good advice: Get those Brogues, and it never hurts to own a pair of Oxfords for work.

Well-Cut Suit? Check

Beautiful fabrics only look good when they are dressed in beautiful cuts and styles. Stylish men know this (and you should too!). Fantastic wool, or soft cashmere right-out-of-a mill house, is what you want, yes ofcourse because of their longevity but don’t be fooled by how a bad design can ruin all of that for you. A worn-in look, or a faded-out look is great for casual loungewears and jeans, but you don’t want to look to much rock n’ roll all the time. A little bit of a rock-solid glam is always a good idea.


Good Advice: The jacket = nipped in at the waist! The trousers = carefully tapered at the hemlines. The collar = needs to be slightly away from the nape of your neck.

Speed Dial #5? My Stylist

A good stylist/tailor is on every man’s wish list. Not only do they repair your outfits when they slack in from too much wear n’ tear, they also make one-of-a-kind suits for you, with the most beautiful Italian fabrics you have ever laid your eyes upon.

Good Advice: Off the peg designs sometimes need a bit of good tailoring, so a go-to tailor is what every guy needs to have on their little black book (address book for the digital age!). The service is affordable, so don’t be put off to hop onto that style track soon – it will leave surprised at how much you have been missing out on simply because you avoid tailoring.

True Style Never Takes A Day-Off

A stylish man needs to enjoy every aspect of dressing. You don’t have to pressurize and bookend yourself with a haircut every few weeks if you are not up for it. No need to overdo the “metrosexual” syndrome off the catwalk – most of those gorgeous models are just every bit as ordinary as you can imagine.

Good Advice: Pick out the clothes every morning, it shows that you have put some thought into your outfits. Always have an underwear and socks drawer, it’s necessary to feel comfortable, to look comfortably stylish. Don’t wear a bow-tie, stylish cuffs, a bejewelled tie, and an expensive pocket square, with a woolly waistcoat all at once. The trick to subtle layering is staying classic, with a little bit of shine on the cufflinks, maybe!


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