Men Style Icons

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio tops this list, simply because his accomplishments equals his good looks. His versatility knows no bounds – from being one of the most famous young environmental activists Hollywood has ever seen to playing one interesting role after another – he’s awfully picky when it comes to scripts.

DiCaprio first got nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting category, when he was only 19, for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ but it was Titanic that gave him worldwide fame. He seems to have become Martin Scorsese’s favourite actor to cast in films, which is interesting because that almost makes him the Robert de Niro of the younger generation.

He has worked with Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks as well, often adding the youthful shade to riveting storylines and earning accolades along the way. So, where does Leo stand on style?

He loves sports brands, which is weird because he adores Pink Floyd and looks handsome in suits, which he often wears on the Red Carpet. Silk ties, pin-sharp lapels is how he likes his eveningwear and it’s just how we like to see Leo too, both for his films, and at the Oscars.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is the absolute hunk. When you watch The Notebook, all you can think about is how passionate, driven (and drop-dead gorgeous) Noah is, and you have to give Ryan all the credit here for that. He is quite possibly the only person who could’ve played that role to such perfection – try it! you honestly cannot imagine someone else filling his shoes.

Following The Notebook, Gosling has been aiming for more drama, darker politics stories, and the oddball madcap romantic comedy inbetween. The Ides of March, especially, was a big breakthrough, in terms of playing the protagonist in strong content-driven scripts – it’s a spectacular film. That’s some accomplishment for a fine young actor who looks as amazing on screen as women expect him to, in the roles he plays!

3. Matt Damon


Matt Damon exhibited an A-List style from an early age. He would don a sweater, a plain white t-shirt, and a leather jacket during the days of Good Will Hunting, and then it switched fast to a Mac n’ Cheese idea of fashion – pop colours, and soft shades for suits.

Post the success of The Bourne and Ocean’s Eleven series, Damon began to dress more professionally and looked ever dashing doing so. Here’s a toast to his intelligence when choosing films and avoiding razor-edged glamour for thought-provoking scripts….and leaving it all to his sense of style instead!

4. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has been in the news quite a lot off-late. Whether it’s working as a product engineer, for various interests outside of acting, or for his love-life, this dude seems to have the secret know-hows of how to balance comfort with phenomenal fame.

Ashton has played a myriad of roles, such as the dumb, fun-loving, rebel Kelso in ‘That’s 70s Show’, Steve Jobs in ‘Jobs’ and a drunken-encounters-meets-next-morning, partying young dude in ‘What Happens In Vegas’. His style is largely frat-boy but he does know to balance it all out with a gentleman look. His goofball humor is however evident even in his suits. It’s what you call business casual and we love it, don’t you too?

5. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds from the Proposal

Ryan Reynolds is a very talented actor, to say the least. When he first appeared on television screens, bigtime, as a medical student in Two Guys and a Girl, little did anyone know how far he would go.

As Will Hayes in Definitely Maybe and Deadpool in X Men Origins: Wolverine, he exhibited mercurial ambition, because this success was actually preceded by a string of flops and relatively rare visibility in Hollywood.

He loves fashion, Hugo Boss, particularly, preferring to keep it low-key. Jeans, a t-shirt and a cool jacket is how he likes to roll – the perfect compliment to his biker lifestyle.

6. Kanye West

kanye west

Kanye West found success at first as a record producer, before emerging as a breakout artist. As a rapper, he has given us plenty of good music to write home about – ‘Gold Digger’, ‘Love Lockdown’ are a few good examples. He loves LV and Phillip Lim, polo shirts, bow-ties and leather.

His style has grown up over the years, breaking free from tried-before styles such as all-white suits, traditional hip-hop looks of a lot of gold and the baseball cap, towards red,tailored jeans, blazers and that signature khaki color. If you love his music, as much as Grammys does, it’s hard to separate his distinctive style from that love because it is so very individualistic.

7. Nick Carter

Nick Carter

The Backstreet Boys are one of the most legendary boybands on the planet, apart from Take That. Their level of success is almost unparalleled and the group is still going really strong, after all these years – a rarity in the music industry.

The youngest star of the band, Nick Carter, is known for his mischievous approach to life, and he is a sight to behold in music videos – whether you love ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart’ or ‘I Want It That Way’.

Solo-ventures and environmental advocacy for the UN, the International Coral Reef Network, aside, he loves vegeterian dishes, fish, and funnily enough began singing as a way to grab attention away from his looks.

Its impossible to imagine that all his many fans would find that believable, with such good looks but when it comes to looking this good he attributes it all to dancing, DJing at after-hour parties, and fitting in time to hit the gym and doing cardio.

8. Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey off 98 Degrees was one of those hot young stars in the nineties that teenage girls would go absolutely ga-ga over. Better known as part of the quartet of boybands that rocked Hollywood during the timeframe, he easily stood out for his soulful music, his chartbusting success for numerous singles, and obviously for his very charming good looks.

Singles such as ‘True To Your Heart’ (Mulan OST) and duets with Mariah Carey, cemented his position as a coveted star. This Kentucky dude, then appeared on our television screens as a reality television star, with his then-wife popstar Jessica Simpson.

He turned his early years of the wedding into a reality show, titled ‘Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds’ that catapulted him into fame even further. An ardent sports and academic buff, the three-year-old marriage gave him the pedestal to showcase to the world, that he had a heart of gold, and would even insist on putting up with Simpson’s many quirks over or whether or not tuna is a fish?

Post-breakup he then dabbled in music solo – his debut album reached Number # 2 on Billboard. As he tours with a put-back-together, 98 Degrees (and Boyz II Men) we celebrate the stunning good looks and laid-back style of the young star.

9. Neil Patrick Harris


Neil Patrick Harris first came on our television screens as Doogie Howser, M.D. The child prodigy role gave him so much popularity that he almost became a young icon in the nineties, apart from earning that coveted Golden Globe nomination, too, ofcourse.

Post-Doogie he starred in various television shows, films and stage productions, before donning the beloved Barney Stinson cap for How I Met Your Mother. As the forever womanizer, he won hearts with his performance but what about his style quotient?

His style quotient is elegant and classic but he spends a lot of time shopping for luxury briefs, splurges on TAG Heuer watches, adores Barney’s NYC and Converse high-tops.…looks like the boy in him likes to always rule the roost, even for clothes!

10. Josh Hartnett


Josh Hartnett is one of those Hollywood stars you wish you saw more of. He first gained fame in Pearl Harbor as Danny – it almost breaks your heart to to see him part ways with Evelyn and eventually die during the war attack. One of his most memorable roles undeniably, he also starred in many other notable films such as O, Black Hawk Down and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

These days the hunk is busy producing music videos for the likes of Kid Cudi, as well as star in indie ventures, you wish he wouldn’t waste his talent and good looks on but he likes to for some reason. During the early 2000s he was quite often voted as one of the sexiest men alive, by Teen People and People.

His enthusiasm for politics seems to be running deep right about now, he supported Barack Obama for the Minnesota campaign and even participated in the awareness initiative for the East Africa drought by USAid. Looks like Hartnett likes to hit home-base for American cultural values and integrity, apart from always looking super-stylish no matter in a simple white tee or posh well-tailored suits.


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