Men Style Icons

7. Nick Carter

The Backstreet Boys are one of the most legendary boybands on the planet, apart from Take That. Their level of success is amost unparalled and the group is still going really strong, after all these years – a rarity in the music industry.

The youngest star of the band, Nick Carter, is known for his mischevious approach to life, and he is a sight to behold in music videos – whether you love ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart’ or ‘I Want It That Way’.

Solo-ventures and environmental advocacy for the UN, the International Coral Reef Network, aside, he loves vegeterian dishes, fish, and funnily enough began singing as a way to grab attention away from his looks.

Its impossible to imagine that all his many fans would find that believable, with such good looks but when it comes to looking this good he attributes it all to dancing, DJing at afterhour parties, and fitting in time to hit the gym and doing cardio.


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