Men Style Icons

10. Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett is one of those Hollywood stars you wish you saw more of. He first gained fame in Pearl Harbour as Danny – it almost breaks your heart to to see him part ways with Evelyn and eventually die during the war attack. One of his most memorable roles undeniably, he also starred in many other notable films such as O, Black Hawk Down and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

These days the hunk is busy producing music videos for the likes of Kid Cudi, as well as star in indie ventures, you wish he wouldn’t waste his talent and good looks on but he likes to for some reason. During the early 2000s he was quite often voted as one of the sexiest men alive, by Teen People and People.

His enthusiasm for politics seems to be running deep right about now, he supported Barack Obama for the Minnesota campaign and even participated in the awareness initiative for the East Africa drought by USAid. Looks like Hartnett likes to hit home-base for American cultural values and integrity, apart from always looking super-stylish no matter in a simple white tee or posh well-tailored suits.


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