In Process at MBFW Tokyo SS2015

In Process is a novelty fashion store in Japan, that fills it’s creations with a sort of vibrancy that only comes off the sewing kits, and watchful eye of tailors working tirelessly around the clock, to give you beautiful fashion, season after season.

The theme of the brand is “modern memories” so that means getting all sentimental about the days past. The clothes are always adorned in surrealist paintings, and evoke cuts, that happen to exude a certain social message, that is very spirited and bold.


To dress in ‘In Process’ is to love to play around with fashion, and not just in your dressing room, but outside in your garden, on the patio, and even underneath cherry blossoms, as they continue to caress those wistful rooftops of temples.

The brand loves prints, pops of colour in places you least expect them to be, and love to experiment with that rare sight on the catwalk – collage prints.


Last year at MBFW for both Autumn-Hiver and Spring-Summer, the brand evoked an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere, that just turned around and became something so different for the next season – a darker, and colder world of feudal Japan where everything is alluded by mystery and intrigue. Look forward to their offering for SS2015 next month!



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