Blake Lively in Love!

What is the big deal with Blake Lively? She was the lead in Gossip Girl, starred in a couple of notable films, from The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants to The Green Lantern, was chosen for a Gucci fragrance print campaign, believes in philanthropy – that is a new one in Hollywood, has her very own digital magazine and e-commerce website, Preserve, is married to one of the most handsome actors, we Brits, have ever laid our eyes upon, Ryan Reynolds, and appeared on the cover of countless magazines celebrating her success. Lively is refreshingly unorthodox, a natural infront of the camera, and is bountiful amounts of talent in all her projects. The big deal with Lively is that we are currently living in a television age, where being spoiled, bitchy, rich and the leader of a rather strongly-opinionated pack of kids, is the coolest thing to happen to Hollywood, since American coffee houses/fashion cultural concepts and life in a dazzling city.


Lively’s first breakthrough came at the age of 18 in the indie film The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants based on the novel of the same name. She essayed the role of ‘Bridget Vreeland’, a soccer-playing buff who has a crush on her coach, Eric. But it wasn’t your regular off-the-mill teenage love story – Bridget has a reckless nature stemming from the premature death of her mother, a grief she is unable to deal with, and results in her running after Eric despite school rules dictating that romantic connexions of any kind is strictly forbidden between coaches and students. Her thoughtless actions leads Eric to take her on a romantic nightly beach encounter together, where Bridget loses her virginity and walks off from the sudden passionate experience thoroughly disappointed. Even though Eric follows her home, in the hope that she might reconsider his feelings, their brief talk just provides Bridget with the much-needed closure for the relationship, and acts as the driving force for steering clear from the train-wreck life that could have potentially been in store for her, had she carried on with these sorts of choices in life, just like her mother did.

The offbeat coming-of-age drama, which even spurned out a part two and won her a Teen Choice nomination, plays out with three other interesting characters, who also comprise the storyline, and a pair of jeans that spends the summer travelling from one friend to the other. Lively seems to have been unable to shed this tag of starring in ensemble Hollywood shows, as her soon-to-follow biggest project, to date, proved. Gossip Girl takes place in Manhattan – a social scene filled with alcohol, money, riches and snobbish attitudes. It belongs to the “brat-pack” of television, situated somewhere nicely inbetween 90210 and Melrose Place. Blake plays ‘Serena van der Woodsen’ – a returning Upper East Side girl at the centre of the glittering elite, fresh from her mysterious days in a Connecticut boarding school. Attractive, charming and pushy, Serena always gets whatever she wants, even if it means going head-to-head with her former best friend, one of the many shady characters in the series, a nemesis of-sorts, who is always dressed meticulously.


This particular role of Blair Waldworf is played by Leighton Meester, and her fashion choices have been a hotly debated topic for years, even though she plays such a jealous former best friend, a mere subplot to bigger things in the story, always insisting on uprooting the Queen Bee from her place in society, during her absence. But it’s no wondrous surprise why Blair is such a well-liked character – it must be so hard to get onboard with sympathies for Serena, given that she slept with Blair’s boyfriend at a wedding, taking his virginity, just before departing for Connecticut, always abandons Blair for more important matters of society or is on a warpath to win back her title. Waldworf acts as a converging focal point of the “high-school rivalry” theme prevalent in the series, as is often hinted in the enigmatic voiceover provided by the Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, during each episode.

Serena’s on-again-off-again relationship with Dan, a Brooklyn native, acts as one of the primary plotlines of Gossip Girl, and it leads one to ponder if Lively would like to share the same equation with most of the heroes of her film. Some of her films, such as New York, I Love You, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Savages and the upcoming The Age of Adaline proved that her strength in romantic-dramas, save for indie ventures, work well more in televisions, rather than films – its pure drama that works best in films for the young star!

Speaking of starpower, it brings me to the most exciting thing in Blake’s life since Gossip Girl broke up – Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds met Lively, first on the sets of their film The Green Lantern in early 2010, and the couple soon started dating following the release of the film, over the summer of next year. As romance blossomed in an unlikely setting, that many would have hoped gone the same way for the film, it led to a blissful marriage of a few years now, but despite that very little is known about this relationship. Reynolds is undoubtedly the more accomplished of the lovable twosome – he first made his mark on our television screens as the lead in Two Guys and a Girl, followed by many successful movies like Definitely, Maybe, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Proposal.

But Blake is never really too far off when it comes to her career. However, you do wonder what it must feel like for her to have gone from relatively unimportant dating stints to such a serious relationship, so young. Blake stepped into the shoes of quite a mature relationship, as she began dating the much older Ryan, who had previously, had a string of high-profile relationships. Reynolds reportedly was engaged to Alanis Morissette, and was married to Scarlet Johansson, for some time before sparks flew with Lively. As awe-inspiring as their marriage has been, it seems to be stuck in a rather tepid sense of secrecy sometimes, which can be a double-edged sword no matter how you look at it, especially for the more fun and feminine Blake.

So where does Ryan fit into the whole equation in this complex and varied life of hers? Coming from as far away as possible, from Canada, means that there must be a strong divisive streak in how the couple likes to do everything. Surely, that is the expectations most fans of the couple would have – challenges, hoo-hah surrounding moving house and selecting furniture, a very boring world of grownup relationships that Blake walked into following her marriage, but they are as ordinary and true-blue likeable as a Hollywood couple can ever get.

Ryan is the typical husband, who seems to have a very unique approach to romance – he approaches it like he does his assignments, he comes prepared with all the know-hows of what it takes to make a relationship work. He is committed, helpful, and even the loveliest of gentlemen as he helps out his wife with her new found love for the digital world. We’re not sure yet if all of this textbook behaviour stems from watching Oprah inbetween filming, but one thing is certain for sure that when it comes to Blake, Ryan is that rock-solid constant in her life who is always there for her, as she comes to terms with the rollercoaster ride life of an actress.


Lively found herself in a much-more sought after position post her marriage to this hearthrob from British Columbia, of a famous homemaker living in a posh NYC suburb. As sudden as this leap of fame was, Lively has handled all of it with grace and style. It’s important to note that hardly anyone saw this jump from one stage of fame to the other coming so soon, especially since Gossip Girl was such a phenomenal success already. But given how things work in Hollywood love stories, it’s difficult to gauge the space that would be left in our hearts if the couple were to break-up.

Dabbling in cooking, interior decoration, pastry baking, and supporting Barack Obama aside, she is a glamazon on most days, even at home. She never really switches off from her celebrity status, which is a welcome change to what LA is often perceived to be like, because one of the greatest ways to ensure a relationship is working, I believe, is to never lose sight of yourself or what romance means to you as an individual, which is so easy to do as a busy life takes hold of your ambitions. Its challenging to grow with a relationship in the glare of spotlights and stardom, but when you have the right attitude and good friends, it’s difficult to not stay grounded – that’s one of Blake’s favourite words – she adds a not infront of almost every sentence and talks passively about the present.

Blake Lively’s wedding was a private affair, so none of those all-exclusive photographs in People for you. Blake’s ideal guy is someone who helps her grow, and become a better person. Confessing to having dated only a handful of people, she chooses a guy only if he excites her enough, because otherwise she is very comfortable being single forever. She is a proper foodie so to date her would mean that you have to put up with a messy kitchen, and not make a fuss with her obsession for cooking books. She spends hours pouring into them, talk about them, so it always helps if you are a big-time foodie too. Does Ryan share that same passion for food or is it spilling out into troubles in the marriage? Blake doesn’t believe in a dictatorship, since marriage for her meant saying no to style changes, yes to influencing each other in other ways perhaps – maybe cut down on more of that textbook devotion to Preserve, and actually look like you enjoy baking too, on your own, obviously! Ryan seems to very clueless on most days to how difficult it is to make a relationship work – like, on a much more deeper level.

Ryan Reynolds is Blake’s best friend, and wants more kids than there were once-upon-a-time dinosaurs on this planet – it’s enough to make most men run for cover, but Ryan isn’t one of them. Ryan commented once on how he likes that Blake meets the seniority circle, even going out to be friends with a couple, so perhaps all of this could suggest a meeting of minds for the two, even as far as children are concerned? Blake and Ryan tied the knot just outside the bride’s hometown, California.  During the wedding, Lively wore a thousand-dollar Marchesa gown; her bouquet was very her age – peppered with rose-gold glitters for some of the carefully selected petals, and the couple chose Florence Welch as their wedding singer.


More on that bouquet and that sexy wedding dress – the lush bouquet was designed by Kate Berry from Martha Stewart’s Weddings, and there were beautiful pink jasmine, andromeda, dusty miller, and blushing bride hydrangea. The wedding gown was manufactured of cloudlike silk and featured a fitted bodice, rose-gold embroidery and illusion crystal beadings perched atop the shoulders. Meanwhile, the wedding took place in Mount Pleasant, South California, where the very romantic and touching Hollywood adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook was filmed – the wedding bands were precious jewellery from Lorraine Schwartz, one-off designs for Blake and Ryan. The food for the special occasion came from Lively’s own intelligent mind. The table was filled with s’mores bars, espresso beans, mini tarts, lemon tarts, fruit jellies, little cakes – yes it was all decked-out with desserts because what else can you expect from the baker herself. The theme of the day was vanilla-and-sour-cream for the wedding cake, decorated with peach and apricot reserves. The layering Earl Grey-milk chocolate buttercream for the cake came from a gifted chef in Virginia, Maggie Austin Cake.

Since we cannot believe the amount of extraordinary planning that went into the wedding food, we’ll dive more into that, please – the s’mores bars are from Bakehouse Charleston and were covered with pretty wrappers. The cupcakes were lined in gold foil, and made of coffee-and-cream espresso beans. The tartlets, crafted from blueberry cheesecake a few of them, and lemon tartlets with meringue toppings for another bunch, are from Caviar & Bananas in Charleston; something else that came from that bake-shop were mini strawberry cakes. Fruit jellies were courtesy of La Maison du Chocolat.

Blake, many might find surprising, considers Ryan much-more better dressed than her – that is a good one! Ryan’s obvious good looks add a lot of weight to any look, but Blake is more fashionable, which needs a whole new know-how of how things work, as we saw for ourselves in Gossip Girl. Blake and Ryan are very hands-on, on each other’s projects. They take an active interest in their respective professions, which despite the commonness is so different in the kind of roles they like to portray. It might seem like they are in the ‘honeymoon’ stage of their relationship, but it is really just how invested they are in their marriage – they never like to spend too many days apart. Blake is the picture-perfect girlfriend who depends on Ryan for all of her decisions, while Ryan endears as the model husband – independent, caring, loving and funnily-enough synchronised to the idea that “We have to make this relationship work because we want it to happen, and I have all the clues as to how!” – no idea where he picked that up…but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to be more flexible when it comes to romance.


Blake’s lazy days with her best friend already comes with a swapping of sitting in silence and chatting up a storm – does it hurt when Ryan doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for the relationship as she does, because of his very reserved nature? I would guess not, and that has to be attributed, in my opinion, to Blake’s maturity in understanding that Ryan’s life is a lot more enriched than hers, because of the age-gap. So when he shares his life with her it isn’t about concealing aspects of his personality, it’s more about the future and the present, rather than the hardworking days of the past.

Lively imagines that her husband would make a great Dad, a great head of the family, complimenting her status quo as a homemaker, and is on the road to become a very celebrated Hollywood star. She treasures the old-worldly outlook Ryan has, cherishes his laid-back approach to everything in life, and swears-by her lifestyle come high-and-low in romance – no drinks, no drugs, yes to eccentric Disney spin-offs, no foul-mouthed behaviour, and valuing that precious engagement ring on her finger for more than its price and carat-standing. Blake Lively says yes to a Hollywood romance with Ryan Reynolds and keeps it afloat comfortably e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. – do you feel the power of love, yet?


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