An Americana Wedding

Summer weddings are trending in the United Kingdom, believe it or not. But what if you wanted to add something American to the mix? You could do a beach wedding inspired by Americana and this time the subject that could inspire you can range from Hollywood to Native American head-dressings.


This is where J.Crew comes in, or more specifically speaking, vintage J. Crew comes in…they do more than just cigarette trousers, and beautiful wedding dresses is something they do really well.

The theme compliments travel-lovers nicely, so you can see the trend resurfacing during this particular season all too well, can you not? Family holidays, beach snaps, muddy festivals, from Glastonbury to Coachella, a picnic at the park with mates…summer is all about extravagant living.

The traditional gowns come in various designs, like the understated glamour of a much-more refined Cinderella gown, or a mermaid tail for your big day. But since this is modern love coming together at the church, the dress you change into aftwerwards as you scurry to catch your plane-ride to Rhodes for your honeymoon, should not clash too much with the whole conventional attitude of the programme.

So try to go for sartorial fashion in soft tones, for that romantic bride, or plenty of frills and ribbons, for the glamour-doll in you, that cannot wait to walk down the aisle! Flapper dresses or short tiered dresses that resemble your tiered wedding cake are good choices too, if you want to be both in trend and super-modern!



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