Unconditional Spring Summer 2013

Unconditional goes preppy! The London label chose to design clothes that had a laidback chic flavour to them, playing to the American subculture that appears to teenagers mostly. Comfortable fashion finds, with a touch of upper-class mannerisms in them is how Philip Stephens decided to embark on this creative journey for SS2013.

Preppy fashion is usually reserved for the American upper-class or upper-middle-class young ones who are educated and well-honed in their tastes when it comes to culture, fashion and the arts. The rich society that caters to these folks living in the East Coast, prioritises good networking skills, talent in courtesy towards people from other economic diaspora, and the ability to demand a pocketable income.

The clothes were beautiful, whether in a long gown or a miniskirt. Colours used ranged from, pure white to fawn, and there was a sizeable portion of prints there as well. The most vibrant look was that of the green tops and skirts because it complimented all of the slightly more demure colours wonderfully. It’s very difficult to find straight-off pretty clothes on the runway sometimes, because fashion designers who have carved out a name for themselves often choose to ditch what everyone loves about their collection.

The simply love to go forth with the tiding wave of a demand of: more cutting-edge, more inventiveness and more different from last season, so much so that they seem to be lost in the art adventure. Unconditional is one brand you can turn to for SS2013 when you specifically need clothes that just defines pretty attires.


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