Temperley London Spring Summer 2013

Alice Temperley has carved out a name for herself in designing fashion with working-class ethics firmly set in her mind, irrespective of colour, cut, and the fabrics. Patterned puffs for skirts means that a kind of ‘50s dramatic endurance, ensued in all of the clothes, from light and luxurious jacquards to plenty of sheer and stripes in punchy hues.

The colour palette was elegant to say the very least because it was all fawn, nude and noir, flirting around with pops of cherry red and duck-egg blue. Sparkling in delicate crystals over the lace back of a white gown in bridal designs, or as glistening jewels for a waistband, the Grand Connaught Rooms in Mayfair brought the show alive in all its luxurious glory.

Temperley remarked about the collection, celebrities, and the choice of venue,

“It’s just more fun, more playful this season,

It’s less about the dress – which is obviously still a really key piece for us – but more about really great separates in high-quality fabrics, and the way you put them together. It’s a much cleaner colour palette too.”

“I came to visit and the patterns on the ceiling were so similar to those in my mood boards, I just knew we had to hold it here,”

“It’s flattering when anyone wants to come to your show, and if they happen to be a celebrity then that’s great for the brand,

Unlike others, I would never dream of paying a celebrity to come to my show. I think the clothes should speak for themselves.”

 The hats had wide-brims, and the sunglasses were vintage retro, but the most prettiest ensemble mix were the other accessories – Charlotte Olympia designed footwear, towering heels in candy-colours and net gloves that had a dash of sexy drama about them.

There were full skirts, nipped waists, swinging coats, and a lot of the usual embroidery and chiffon extravagance, peppered with floral appliqués on organza and tulle, as well as beautiful satin ribbons on skirts. Because it’s a very British thing to be in love with the class system now, you can find all of that incorporated in Temperley London, every season, and that is just why we love the fashion house so.


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