Mulberry Spring Summer 2013

The front-row at British luxury fashion house, Mulberry, was packed with A-listers, from Kate Moss to Lana del Rey, and you could spot something extraordinary on the runway: Max the Standard Poodle.

Mulberry is known to associate itself with celebrities, and over the years the front row here has become a coveted spot to be seen and photographed in. Fashion insiders look to them to find Hollywood celebrities at their beck-and-call in the front-row as far as presence is concerned.

Making headlines aside with the Mulberry Willow Tote, named after its second factory in Somerset, this was the perfect time to pronounce to the world that this is indeed the country’s largest manufacturer of luxury goods in leather through its latest runway offering.

The English country garden set the tone for the show, so there was what you usually expect from the countryside, flowers, roses, particularly, plenty of warm tones, geckos, lizards and gnomes. Tropics-induced leather, the colour gold evoked in laser-cut finery, for soft and hard looks, added freshness to LFW. 

Whimsical, pleated on the side, luxurious, these belted sweaters can easily change seasons and still sit comfortably in your wardrobe. Versatility in the form of a boyfriend peacoat, wide-leg trousers, slim jackets, and playing around with navy, slated to be becoming the next big thing for Spring/Summer 2013, was exhibited.

The ballroom at Claridge brought forward a very romantic show, adorned with camel colours, presenting chic cape trenches, biker jackets, and oversized floral buttons, waistcoat jackets, diaphanous halter neck dresses and gowns in sequins. Materials used, ranged from chinoiserie jacquard to lace, but the sundresses were something else entirely in the spring weather booming catwalk.


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