Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2013

Ports 1961 showed us how pure white is done. The Canadian label stood out amongst its contemporaries for Spring Summer, but managed to still be a part of the trend.

How is that done? The unthinkable conoction that’s made up of the perfect rebel and the brilliant model of the times? Why with a little charming flutter magic here and there ofcourse! The right kind of magic, that knows how to cross boundaries and bring back carps of fashion inspiration, like from the exotic Portugese spices grown in India, exclusively.

Crisp shirts, with a feminine touch – yes, that would be the perfect description. Lace on sheer layer skirts’ hemlines, embellishments of sequins and crystals contouring bare back dresses with clean cuts, this is refined elegance during its glory days.

Flutiness, and flirty behaviour, in moderation of pinks, was present for this collection. There’s just something about cold weather climates and ice-cream that can be fascinating – kind of like a contrast you still want to explore because now, who can ever really change your native weather and your favourite flavour of sweetness.

Circular motifs on oversized fashion stops, when not neon pink and yellow, means that layered hemlines are the stand-out points of reference – three layers is a lot of layers, no matter how you look at it. The embellishments, meanwhile, adorning those plunging necklines at the back were much like the clothes themselves – oversized and shimmering!

Perhaps the fashion house’s signature accessories line contributed to such amazing bling factor – it could be thought so because the international feel and touch of the cuts and fabrics still gave it a party feel – now that is spectacularly individualistic!


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