Altuzarra Spring Summer 2013

If you thought you had enough of navajo fashion over at Nina Ricci this season, well you thought wrong! Up-and-coming French fashion designer Altuzarra took this idea further and expanded on his growing collection of diverse exhibitions on fashion.

There was something sliced-and-diced about the fashion line and a distinct step away from his offering up until this point. This isn’t to say that thinking “out of the box” hasn’t worked out well because it has. Strips of fabric has been cut out and wrapped encircling the bodice and hips, and there were some golden trims on wrap skirts, golden fringes, so much golden everywhere, yes, and swinging tassels too.

The frontrow was filled with the latest “It” circle from social gatherings – think Kate Bosworth and Jessica Chastain. The energetic showing for the audience was an answer to what everyone expected from the fashion designer, and multiple CFDA awards winner: a big splash on the scene!

This is Joseph Altuzarra going larger than life for his signature fashion line, starting with the first look – a western-style jacket. This is a cape, superhero-like, but one you can adorn during the warmer climates. The fashion was inspired by how Editors wear their coats,, according to Joseph himself.

Railroad stripes, clay colour used quite extensively, and breast-pocket patches that showed you Altuzarra’s reflection when you glanced upon them, makes up this rich collection exquisitely. It belongs in shopping carts, pricey as they are, they are worth every penny, especially the eveningwear which felt couture but was really ready-to-wear.

It really was because they came bejewelled, with zippers astonishingly, and in embroidered silks, and even had a bit of a gathered peplum and new form of a dressy-shirt on the side. It’s not all about the past though because sometimes you could see how this could belong in the wardrobe of an A-list fashionista, who spends all her time flying from one fantastic city to another for exotic and exuberant holidays.

Altuzarra spoke about his inspiration intimately,

“It all started with the movie Orlando, 

…There’s the idea of taking masculine fabrics and co-opting them, working them in a very feminine way,”

Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton and Billy Zane, is the story of a dapper nobleman from the Elizabethan era, given the gift of eternal life, who one day wakes up and finds out that he has shifted his gender to become a woman instead. You can gather how this vision translated into a sepia film of railroad stripes and fringes because there is something about reinvention at play here, which that era is particularly famous for, what with the Monarchy’s stance on wanting to dictate so many issues of the day, from religion to literature.


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