Nina Ricci Spring Summer 2013

Nina Ricci showed a classic “Country-western meets the French” for SS2013. Coquettish, navajo fashion, this is Parisienne chic for what makes it beautiful: pretty colours and cuts. The American Western look gained notoriety during the 19th Century, and contributed a great deal to the Civil War and cowboy looks.

The leather and harness combo makes this a collection filled to the brim with flights of fancy fashion. Silk fringe, ash cocktail dresses, plastic trench coats imprinted with a fishnet pattern, rocked the runway amazingly, when it wasn’t riding the fashion insurgency in the form of little side zips on the leather trousers, that after you pull back reveals black lace of the lingerie variety.

A chiffon dress underneath all of the aquamarine was decorated with lace too, while the tweeds were both holographic and loosely cut, the polka dots came on satin, frocks and the cool new colour for Ricci, fuchsia, that apart from this sprayed the collection here and there amidst all the darkness of the black.  

A showgirl dress was the odd swinging one amongst all the flecks of dance, in the form of a champagne slipdress, and a black crepe gown – plausibly ideal for afterhours get togethers when the showgirl would like to turn in her costume and click her heels for a night of much-needed action out on the town.

Paper petals were thrown before the models to tread gently on, and there was the serene music as well that conjured up a magic that soon evaporated as reality looked you straight into the eye with all its beauty. This is a dream you wish you never have to wake up from, and you don’t have to do if you really don’t want to because every look was amazing, leaving no room for more want.

The shoes were seductive and worn with fishnet stockings, sometimes paired with metallics and sometimes worn with flouncier hemlines. Mostly a skirt and sheer top, or another reinvention of the little black dress, there was a prim and proper atmosphere to the poetic numbers, because sassy and fun fashion is the step in the new fashion direction the French fashion house wanted to take for SS2013.


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