Fendi Spring Summer 2013

The Fendi collection was about three colours, in three different directions. The colours he chose were unique just like the fashion designer’s vision, named as “violent pastels” collectively. Apricot, mustard, eggshell blue, copper, caramel, nudes, ash, and red, adorned all of the clothes that spectacularly featured pannier pockets sometimes, standing out and framing the clothes, in all its painting-glory during the fashion week in Milan.

The collection was a step away from the classically elegant that Fendi dominates in the handbag compartment of the accessories department, much like the name “violent pastels”. The shards were interesting because it complements the optical illusion for that the designer went for, when he chose tapered hemlines, that often kicked out, or flowed around your ankle.

Not content with structure only, there were pleats, capes on jackets, print dresses that had flaps encircling the waist, as well as shirt dresses, shorts and zippered jackets. As always, there was a bag that came with every one of the looks, be it a punchy clutch or a smouldering oversized dice.

Three dimensional and alternating inbetween slices of articulated leather all around the front of the shoes, and a tower of a heel that’s manufactured of resin and is adorned with spikey fashion extraordinaire. The love for the collection was obvious, because the motivation rose up and shone through, even on the airport highway inspired runway track, through its guiding arrows.

The afternoon show broke free from all of the highstrung feel of summer fur and leather and leather, an usual choice of practical clothes during the season. But this is fine summer luxe fashion, so the shirts fronted twists and curved shoulders – just plain crisp white shirts won’t do here!

Architectural precision in graphics and spoken through tunic dresses and panels acted as functional features for the collection. The colour palette was gold at times too, when not being violently pastel, for culottes, honeycomb-embossed bombers, baguette purses, and liquorice shoes.

The essential ingredient here is glamorous gloss, because that’s what the only kind of summer luxury can afford to have. It’s fast and filled with fantasy, from the infinity of sparkling stars to the casual-chic sported through art-deco modernism.

The show kicked off with the popping of a balloon, as the models strode out wearing the age-old couture house’s entirely handcrafted fashions. The seamlessness of the collection came through fantastic crocodile numbers, feather-light and metallic, that’s perfectly proportioned, for a new-kind of Cinderella-story.


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