Calvin Klein Collection Spring Summer 2013

Calvin Klein did the unthinkable for Spring Summer when he chose to explore sexual provocation, especially for this collection. The hemlines were short, the bustiers exposed, and there was the return of the now so seriously vintage, eighties-style conical bras made famous by the legend herself, the one and only, Madonna.

The waists were nipped-in fiercely, and there was plenty of transparent clothing, because this is how the American fashion house likes to do sexy – the revolutionary, and dare-to-push-boundaries kind! Fabrics widely used ranged from mesh to satins, but they were largely stiff – that’s the effect Klein went for, intriguingly.

The most prominent order of it all was something unfinished, the edges in particular kind of like those many different editions of swimsuits you often see 1920s pin up girls adorn, ever so proudly; these clothes were all about one kind of perfection – they hug your body in all the right areas and right forms.

The seams were finely knitted through, leather worn over a cage, strapless dresses, gold metal caressing the décolletage of another dress – perfect encapsulation of fashion for the hourglass figure, the classic sexy silhouette if there ever was!

This collection represents a new kind of pinup girl that’s both sexy and cerebral at the same time. Sexy comes in many ways, and it’s not always about flashing as much skin as possible. Sometimes it’s about seduction through style, and the look alone, and that’s just what Klein loved for his SS2013.

The designer noted the precision of cars as one source of inspiration, coupled up with the power they exhibit. Interesting! You could see this in the peplum and the narrow belts, as well as the silk gazar, yes you could, and the fashion crowd thought so too.

Accolades went aplenty for both the beauty and the brains of the show, and the fabrics especially – the monochrome effect looked like parabolas once, and then entirely like embroidery another – how wonderfully versatile! Being the last show of NFW, sensuality for the Spring/Summer edition was a welcome change.

After all the many florals and fauna of the New York Fashion Show, this was an exhibition of a crafty, stunning creation that was both fluid and slim. Linear as though all of the monochrome was, there were some amazing graphics, flares, as well as skirts with curving seams.

This sense of topographical physicality only added to all the sensual foreplay with fashion. Meanwhile, the youthfulness of the seduction was suggestive to say the least – minimalism works well with trumpets of seduction, and a perfect time to do it all is Spring, as Klein likes to state it.  


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