Paul Smith Women Spring Summer 2013

The Spring Summer 2013 collection was drafted with the idea of colour blocking in mind. The technique of colour blocking originates from the cubism movement in painting, pioneered by Braque and Picasso in the first part of the 20th century (1900-1920).

It turned European paintings and sculpture around. Cubism involves deconstructing art and reconstructing it in abstract. Colour blocks in a variety of hues and patterns took Smith’s breath away this season, perhaps he was inspired by the cult-status of Instagram too?

Colours in forest greens, sunshine yellows, salmon pink and turquoise for both boys and girls is what Sir Paul wanted for his signature line. Classic tailoring, narrow shirts, slim shorts, feminine frilly details, accessorized by mustard yellow lace cuff, and elegant silk panels, for those who love a boyish charm.

Flirty, feminine, floating dresses hanging from the shoulder, flowing in A-line cuts to mid-lengths, sailed their way across the runway, dominated by diagonal stripes, French colour blocks (that’s breezy, when it isn’t being fiery), accessorized by leather slipper smoked-out and worn-out, if you love to be girly, and love to play dress up and channel that look for anyone that loves it.

French chic reigned, the Pied-Piper came all the way from Bordeaux here, not some shabby-chic done well, and it’s still all about the Birkenstock. This collection encourages you to challenge yourself, both in fashion and how you choose to fit into your very own society.

You could be anybody, from an artlover to a trend-narcissist but what matters is to understand the clothes you put on everyday are a lot more than just crafty threadbare marvels, they’re works of ingenuity that make you look good, spark up a fashion revolution of your own, and even gets you into the pages of social history in dressmaking and pattern design.

Shoes with fine red-stripes, crafted out with immaculate ideas, everything was soft, loose, and the ultimate postergirl for fashion, even when it was an elegant buttoned-up shirt. Fresh, youth-loving, positive “the kind that makes you look towards the future” and modern.

Pleated dresses, adorned with graphic prints and splashes of colour, juxtaposed together, were paired with fawn brogues – the brogues are especially made from the designs that are the most successful in the men’s line.

Simplistic in nature, but bohemian this is detail-oriented sketches at its finest. Breezy dresses, stripey knits, well-fitted jackets, voluminous dresses, flappy gowns, skirts with slits, cropped trousers, and pyjama tops boasting prints, all made their presence felt on the catwalk.

Capitalising on masculine/flirty fashion is something the British designer knows so very well, and it’s very his own niche. Smith remarked on his latest revelation,

“…clothes that are easy to put in your own wardrobe and match with stuff you already own.

Three seasons ago I did a collection inspired by Patti Smith – I adore that way of dressing, but in a catwalk show you have to look like you’ve moved forward,

This is all quite simple. It’s feminine but it still has all those masculine touches that I love. It’s all pretty easy to wear.”


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