DSquared Spring Summer 2013

Two sets of twins, bottom cheeks, chains and leather. Yes, it’s DSquared. A pretty black/white film captured the designers behind the fashion house. Known for their creative shows, with past credits ranging from a high school prom to a muddy Glastonbury recreation, they chose to go with a vintage photo shop this time around.

Flashbulbs, popping colour, models with divine expressions and pouts, walked on the runway in daring chiffon soufflés, leather and biker fashion. This is adventure fashion in its rawest form, it looked like hell reconstructed from ancient Greek fables, of the mythology variety – the kind you both fear and are transfixed by. The notes at the fashion show read opulence, in exhilarating ‘90s fame.

What was very valuable about the collection, was the Canadian duo’s idea of wealth and obsession with materialism. Bejewelled caps, hot pants, bikini tops, swimsuits that drape around your body and hold them tight, denim cut-offs, leather flares, quilt, mini dresses, patent leather for biker jackets, no matter where you look all you can see is blue…and black.

There is the rare sparkling  silver, the cold ash, the glorious red or the fuchsia pink, accessorised with gold chains and exotic pearls. The show was about being comfortable in your skin, so much so that you are not afraid to show plenty either. The minute jackets had pushed-up sleeves, were manufactured of silk, a sinuous noir gown in chevrons of black silk, that had a fish tail caressing the floor. Dean and Dan spoke about their collection, wistfully,

“We’re in a Nineties warehouse and Peter Lindbergh has just rocked up. It’s a celebration of the super girls, super sexy,”

…It’s short and flirty, there are a lot of accessories,

Twins stick together,“

Bralets, caps that looked something out of NYPD, bustiers, blazers, white shirts, heart-prints, lace inserts, jeans, the idea was to live dangerously, as long as you had fashion on your mind 24/7. Leather gowns haven’t really been explored on the catwalk yet, but is that an idea that is best left to quirky imagination?

Is it something how like ice cream and tomato ketchup would be if you took a page out of your free-thoughts and turned it into reality? Not how DSquared pulled it off at least – this was larger-than-life, scrunched up at the frost, and cascading, windy-style at the rear. During the super stylish Milan Fashion Week, you want to see fashion that is both wearable and breaks the mould, and these bankable stars from Dsquared, delivered, every single time.


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