Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2013

Vivienne Westwood is busy with ruffles, Chinese tea and going up against the “order of the day” in the country for her very wxquisite Spring Summer 2013 collection. Her fashion show was held in the British Ambassador’s Residence in Paris – the place was especially lit up and decorated with beautiful chandeliers, gilt mirrors, and the rare red velvet throne. Westwood’s show notes read,

“We are always designing for a parallel universe because we are making something different, a bit new. It’s a world where people look good – interesting people who lead a better life,”

“A kind person sent us a little book on beetles “for inspiration”,”

The models walked out with painted faces and wearing various hairstyles, like bouffants, inspired by tribal infusion looks. Shoes consisted of squiggle printed ‘clompers’ – an elevated platform to stride out proudly with.

Beetles were drawn out as circular ruched fabrics, which carved out inspiration from the book she received. Another note of inspiration was the Spanish Prado museum in Madrid, which formed the basis of her ballgowns resembling Velasquez, the 14th Century artist hailing from Spain. This was infused with exotic prints, inspired from a box of Chinese tea. A couple of notable creations were a flamboyant patterned wrap dress, a corset that had ruched sleeves, and a trouser and a jacket combo, adorning puffy shoulders.

Frilly bloomers, stripy knitwear, a milkmaid’s dress even – everything about the collection was “statement dressess” adorned with decadent brooches and jewels, courtest of the Westwood’s new Palladium fine jewellery line, the “Gainsborough Collection”.

Celebrating her four decades in fashion, nineteenth-century furniture filled up the room – an ode perhaps to Westwood fusion collection? The name of the collection reflected her aspirations at the present “Climate Revolution”. There were unfished hemlines which could suggest a somewhat of a rawness of plant life, in an unconventional world entirely.

The clothes worked out a story of a refugee dressmaker doing her best with a sewing machine, given the circumstances – the result? Ragged hemlines, trailing seams and slashed sleeves. There were leather skirts, put together in pieces, bodices encrusted with pretty jewellery, tattered cutouts emblazoned on dresses, that ranged from tea dresses to sundresses, and even tapestry fabrics made into bunny suits.

The lamé eveningwear had a one piece that was a tarnished silver oak leaves dress manufactured from lace, but the jewellery was just marvelous, because it seemed like Westwood has been captivated by each and every piece in the jewellery box and has turned it all out for us to watch and marvel at through her perspective that embodies the fashion line. 


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