Mary Katrantzou Spring Summer 2013

Mary Katranzou is the latest digital print heiress heralding from Athens. The story behind the show is of a child who collects stamps, or gathers the spare change relatives bring back from their travelling days, spending a lot of their time dreaming about what each currency was all about, where it has tottered off to and who had touched it during it’s journey around the globe.

The banknote was an outlet to the child, a tiny passport to a land of exoticness, an instrument, a vehicle connecting separate cultures, a token of that frame in time, a souvenir of the values each currency represents. The beauty of that thought is swept up in the ravishing abstractions this season for Katrantzou and is soon to embark on a retail craze across shores. 

This season Indian stamps invoked her fashion tastes and the programme notes at the fashion show read that banknotes are “like…windows into exotic cultures”, be it in Venezuela, Mongolia, Finland or India. An imprint of special and unique stamps decorated sharply-tailored A-line skirts, narrow cigarette trousers, shell tops and shirt dresses.

Another notable print featuring on all of the outfits were banknotes – the Deutsche mark, the Swedish kroner, the ancient edition of the British pound and the Greek drachma, were all aesthetically represented in the form of a spectacular crystal mesh, with the aid of a new printed glass technique. Katrantzou spoke about her decision to work on something rather different for SS2013, 

‘No, it was just interesting for me to work with flat, two-dimensional forms, instead of the 3D objects or places that I’ve been obsessed with,’…‘it was a way to move forward.’

‘I came from such a restrictive show last season, all those bodices and bustles, it was time to loosen up,’

There were denim prints, owing to a fashion collaboration between Current/Elliot, which spurned out monochrome stamps on the sides of the outfits, as well as brocades in woven fabrics making it’s debut on the Katrantzou catwalk.

The swirling banknote design is made specially by her and had pride of place on a sexy little minx of a single-breasted navy trouser suit and a sparkling peacock green sleeveless jacket. The evening gowns were billowing and wafting, while the trapeze dresses, both wafting and shoulder-baring.

Moving forward from past seasons is always a welcome change and this modern and fantastically positive collection did that with a repertoire for perching floral prints, Swarovski crystals, plenty of layers and dimensions. The silhouettes meanwhile, mainly consisted of breezy and voluminous sleeves on bowling-style shirts, halter necks, sheat dresses, boxy blazers and pantsuits. 


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