Manish Arora Spring Summer 2013

Manish Arora was inspired by the Orient for Spring Summer 2013, following the trend as many fashion designers have done for the catwalk this season.

Most of the the designers have been inspired by countries far, far away, while at the same time throwing into the mix some of their own stylistic interpretations of what it means to be crafting clothes of that particular style.

Arora, particularly, turned to his Indian roots to do so, as he is often known for here. The result? An exotic embellishment of the Orient. There was too much Indian clothing on it than would perhaps be welcome for many Western (Or Eastern) consumers tastes, but this is fashion!

Not every shop you have in Paris will be the same, even if it means that donning it’s creations would mean representing India in France. Atypical of Arora’s designs, there was a lot of tunics, harem trousers, jeans and flowing dresses, with form-fitting silhouettes.

In all its grandeur, jewellery motifs, some printed on the clothes, mirrors, gold pieces, appliqué detailing, enamelled jewels, metals, and crystals, adorned sorbet colours.

Meanwhile, materials used consisted of gold lamé, foils, prints, studs and zardozi (a Persian handicraft) and was in sync with the elaborate jewels courtesy of an Indian store, Amrapali, the designer has collaborated with for the collection.

For the jewellery specifically, Arora chose ancient and contemporary designs for the models to wear – think glittering diadems, bracelets, and necklaces. This was Indian fashion crafted for the Western eye!



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