John Galliano Spring Summer 2013

John Galliano is one of the fashion industry’s foremost designers, with a legacy of drama and flamboyance behind him in his namesake fashion house.

For Spring Summer 2013, Galliano chose to go with modern fashion, architecture, origins of fashion in Asia and Japan, such as a wonderful kimono, or an exquisite obi belt, and voluminous creations.

Very detail-oriented, fussy, feminine and romantic, the theatricals at the British designer’s show was certainly just as spectacular as you have learned to expect over the years.

Playing with proportion, avant-garde fashion in dresses, skirts, jackets and wide-legged trousers, the layers were light and the petal shapes in peach more refined than you can imagine a cloud to be.

The silhouette was particularly sculpted, sexy and well-fitted, in pure shades of lilac, grey and pink. Bandeau tops were spotted on the catwalk, which were a welcome change to witness, and they came accentuated with pretty origami folds, drapes, and cuts very much like the designer’s days at Dior.

There was something both traditional and modern about the collection, which would perhaps be a fusion of what style means to much of Japan these days.

Ceremonial at times, and properly wild at others, sashes formed the tails of gowns, and there were some monochrome and blue-on-black prints, which sat prettily on dresses that can be deemed more contemporary than Japanese-heritage fashion channeled à la John Galliano, as were much of the beautiful creations.


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