Osman Spring Summer 2013

Osman is one of the newest big wigs of the fashion industry. Inspired by his mother’s couture dress making business in Birmingham, he took his passion for clothes that much further, with a Fashion Design degree from Central Saint Martins, eventually going on to launching his own fashion label in September 2007.

A regular fixture in London Fashion Week since 2008, he has had numerous awards and accolades bestowed upon him, as well as collaborations with high street giants such as Mango to create precise, well-tailored, soft and sensual draping, that he’s graced numerous catwalks with, season after season.

The silhouette for SS2013 was the same: sculpted, adventurous and very ornamental. The choice decorative in form was embroidery, in swirly, symmetrical appliqués and embellishments on leather.

Osman understands his customer well, and always puts them first, but at the same time never loses sight of how important is it to re-invent for every collection to avoid material from getting stale and drab. 

“It was about exploring ornamentation, but always in a subtle way,”

“Keeping something simple is sometimes the most difficult thing to achieve.”

Tops were draped, avant-garde lengths were turned into sexy of the subtle kind, with open backs, splits across the thigh, and enveloping wrap-like layers. Long hemlines, over cropped trousers, trains of silk across one shoulder, and leather numbers with twisted chiffon, meanwhile, also made their presence felt all across the runway.



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