Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2013

Prabal Gurung has in recent years been carving a name for himself as the designer that practices “aggressive femininity”. Florals and embellishments take center-stage for this American fashion designer but they always have a jagged edge, a fiercity to them that cannot be described with ethereal poetry evocations.

For Spring Summer 2013, Gurung chose modernism, coloured with a softer-edition of boldness and beauty – one that is floaty, frilly and dynamic. The show was opened by Joan Smalls in a crisp white-silk tailored uniform of jacket, with an asymmetrical hemline, and trousers.

Transparent shawls were fronted by a couple of the models, as were charmeuse day dresses, neoprene sweatshirts, and and carrot-cut trousers. The most eye-catching dresses were the red contoured ones, and the tuxedos with beads and feathers.

Some psychedelic charm was exhibited on the catwalk too, in the form of kaleidoscopic prints in blue and white, gathered skirt hemlines, pleated, pinched and draped folds and intertwined ruffles. Meanwhile, the silhouette was crafted with brilliance: it was well-fitted on the top and wispy trousers at the bottom. 

Apart from all of this, there were elegant tunics and casual black-ties, emblazoned with birds wings, tops with contrasting colours, and knee-length skirts that sashayed across the catwalk, one after another.

Red and white ostrich feathers, and a handful of crystals was a good example of refined elegance, on flirty dresses and tops paired with flared trousers, brought about a dangerous angle to all of the softness.

All of the seventies influence was brilliant to observe and it’s no wondrous surprise as to why. Business has been flourishing for Gurung, and recently he even moved in to a brand new Garment District studio, complete with his very own showroom. 


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