Alice + Olivia Spring Summer 2013

Stacey Bendet’s collection for Alice + Olivia this season was inspired by the American dream that prospered during the 1960s. Fashion trends in the era were quite diverse. Social movements were rife, so what many considered to be the usual conventions in fashion were also left behind.

The American dream embodies freedom, which includes opportunity to prosperity and success, and upward social mobility through one’s own efforts. Mary Quant who became a British fashion icon because of her wondrous invention – the mini skirt, changed fashions of 1960s forever.

A reviving of Edwardian fashion (the Edwardian era was from 1901 – 1910) was also present from 1966 onwards, with double-breasted suits of crushed velvet and striped patterns being popular with men.

There were some nice-mini skirts, my particular favourite being a shimmering golden one, which was paired with a matte-bronze-ish pussy-cat bow blouse, and some nice interpretations of stripes and a variety of textures.

The collection was very colourful and you could almost feel the sixties in the air, which could only mean a job well done, I suppose. Prints of a sort-of paintbrush strokes, polka dots, stripes in rainbow hues, and “fun” florals were present in her show, and colours used were: gold, champagne and scarlet.

Bendet has ventured into handbags this season, which lovers of all things Alice + Olivia might appreciate. The American designer has several stores opening soon, with one on the Pacific coast; she described her job succinctly during the show: “As a designer today, part of my job is to pick a trend and design the clothes.” “But I also need to create a way for my customers to be individuals.”


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