Miss America and Swimsuits

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Was it a good move to root out swimsuits from Miss America?

Recently, the swimsuit section of the local beauty pageant, Miss America, was rooted out but despite the fact that the move is a big change, it does very little to promote a healthy body image for women because contestants in the beauty pageant already conform to a traditional type of beauty – that a woman must be thin, she cannot be curvy. Also, what the move does not do well, in my outlook, i now it makes Miss America appear as a beauty pageant which avoids the sexualization of women because the swimsuit round of the pageant used to be where female contestants would display their thin figures in very little clothing.

There are two main reasons why you wear a swimsuit: one is to bathe and the other is to show off your figure. And there is nothing much sexual about either off that: if you take that small sexual aspect of the clothing away then a woman cannot proudly display her femininity – a swimsuit aids to showcase everything glorious regarding the female form in a very decent and nice way. So, it is not great that swimsuits were rooted out from Miss America – the beauty pageant, in my outlook, now projects a very incorrect local idea of the purpose behind wearing a swimsuit; I very much wish that swimsuits would make a return at Miss America.

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Swimwear + Makeup

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Should makeup be worn with swimwear?

Swimwear is worn to swim, either in a swimming pool or in a river; it is not meant to act as a fashion statement outside of those realms. So, when you wear a swimsuit it is meant to be worn without makeup because there is no practical purpose to wear makeup at all when you are out for a swim. A swimsuit might be the perfect excuse to show off your fit body, or in other words look really good, but that doesn’t mean that you should amp that experience up by caking your face; instead, go makeup free and opt for a fresh-faced look.

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The Construction Worker

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How to dress like a construction worker in style

The idea behind dressing like a construction worker involves channeling a messy + casual look. Being a construction worker involves a lot of taxing work for long hours, so the look also needs to be accessorized with comfortable shoes, like a pair of trainers.

Saturdays NYC Floater Fill cotton T-shirt at Matches Fashion
A white t-shirt featuring a print of poppies – it’s a very casual piece.

Saint Laurent Slim-Fit 17cm Paint-Splattered Denim Jeans at Mr Porter
A pair of jeans with paint splattered on it; it is made out of Japanese denim and is great to pull off the messy aspect of the look with.

Help for Heroes – Brown leather tri-fold wallet with crest at Debenhams
A brown leather wallet featuring the ‘Help for Heroes’ logo; the wallet can hold money and plenty of cards.

Valentino Rockrunner leather and suede trainers at Selfridges
I liked that this pair of trainers because it has a camo print and also for the colors it sports, such as cream and brown.

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Summer Flatforms

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The best flatforms to get this summer

Flatforms are a great choice as shoes for the summer. And the best in the market shimmer or shine, making them perfect accessories for both during the day and the evening.

Vydien at Aldo
I like this flatform because it is simple-looking and yet, glamorous because of the decorative buckle; wear it with a pair of denim shorts and a simple t-shirt.

Bamboo Metallic Flatform Sandals at Charlotte Russe
A metallic slingback sandal that features three colors: red, white and blue and a design of braided jute on the wedge; wear it with a strappy white dress.

Shellys London Dilys Platform Sneaker at 6pm
A pair of silver brogues with a lace-up design – wear it with a pair of black shorts and a printed t-shirt.

Head Over Heels By Dune Elbie Trim Flatform Espadrilles at ASOS
This pair of espadrilles is perfect for wearing to a party: it is metallic and embellished; pair it with a strappy velvet jumpsuit.

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The Large Bouffant

A very large bouffant was showcased at the Valentino Fall 2018 Couture show

At the Valentino Fall 2018 Couture show, a very ravishing hairstyle was exhibited on the heads of seven models on the runway: it was the bouffant – a hairstyle that was popular in the sixties. The bouffant was not your atypical bouffant, however, because it was unusually large – so large, that if you were to have that hairstyle, it would be best to tone down the clothes which would be worn with it to not look overdone. The hairstyle is not a practical piece, as well: it took hairstylist Guido Palau an incredibly long time to put together the look – a person would have to spend days just preparing to premier that hairstyle at a party. But what I loved about the hairstyle was its uniqueness – if you have long hair on your head, then it’s a good idea to try out yourself on a slightly smaller and more practical scale.

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Big Bags

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The best big bags to get

Big bags, in my outlook, are meant to accessorize an outfit for the day really. They are also great for moments in your life when you have more than usual to carry around.

Dani Accessories The Broadway Large Open Tote with Logo at Macys
A bright blue tote bag featuring the words ‘the BROADWAY’ in the same color; it also has very nice golden straps – carry it over the weekend when you have errands to run, like a quick trip to the supermarket.

Pinch Canvas Tote at Nordstorm
A tote bag which sports three colors: orange, blue and cream; it also features a print of a lobster on the front – it’s a good choice for a date by the beach during the day.

Filippo Catarzi Striped Bow Straw Tote at Bloomingdale’s
A straw tote featuring a black and white striped bow – make it your bag when you are doing something fun over the weekend, like shopping at your nearest mall.

Bucket Bag with Floral Embroidery at Zara
This is a bucket bag which features embroidery of flowers and leaves; it also has beads – take it with you to a brunch party.


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Top Summer Looks From Resort 2019

The best summer looks from the latest resort collections

A summer dress, in my book, should have an element of airiness or lightness; failing both, it should have comfortable cuts for the sleeves or no sleeves at all – basically, a summer ensemble or dress must always be comfortable and sufficiently considerate of the season’s unbearable heat. Some of the looks exhibited for Resort 2019 were of those considerate types, making them great pieces to include in your latest summer wardrobe.

Luisa Beccaria: a light-pink dress that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Carolina Herrera: a billowing bright red dress.

Moschino: a glittering cream-colored evening dress.

Zimmerman: a monochrome polka dot off-the-shoulder dress.

Alexachung: a sophisticated red dress that would be perfect for a date.

Christian Dior: a very gorgeous dress that features colorful embroidery.

Moschino: a look seemingly inspired by the seventies, which includes red trousers and a crop-top with a plunging neckline.

Christian Dior: an off-the-shoulder white look featuring a sketch on the skirt.

Alexachung: a pretty red dress.

Roksanda: a purple + pink evening dress.

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